Our Vineyards


‘Pyap’ is known traditionally as the ‘place of the bony fish’ (bony bream). Pyap is located 7 kilometres downstream of Loxton and has been the home of the Alm family for over 20 years. This historic irrigation settlement went through a number of government development schemes during the late 1800’s until the land was divided up for private settlement in the 1913. Our home was one of two substantial limestone homes built at this time and served as the ‘Engineers House’ and is listed in Heritage Surveys of the region.

The soils and topography consist of undulating sand, sandy loam to light sandy clay loam and deep draining riverbank sands. Irrigation water is supplied via private diversion direct from the adjacent Murray River and applied via a drip irrigation system with 24-hour scheduling capacity. Crop nutrition is managed using an inline fertigation system.

The plantings are mainly citrus with a small area of Chardonnay ripening later than other properties but in general early for the Riverland. The citrus plantings are relatively young with new varieties coming into production. The Cara Cara Navels are a sweet, pink fleshed navel marketed as pictured by Venus Citrus as ‘Beloved’. Our fruit has been awarded the Champion Plate of Citrus in 2012 and 2015 and Best Plate of Navels in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Once again, the Alm Family is committed to contributing to the environment in which they farm and have developed a River Red Gum woodlot on their river bank area in an attempt to promote biodiversity and offset salinity impacts. No insecticides are used on any of our properties and ‘soft’ pest and disease control options including biological control agents are used as part of an integrated pest management program.