Coming Soon - New Vintage Wines

We are working hard to get our 2022 and 2023 wines in bottle for you and we have some surprise in store for you. We are not very good at keeping secrets though, so listen carefully over the coming months as we may give you some hints.........

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Serenade - Rouge Sparkling

In a big family like ours, singing is something we can always agree about. Our Serenade Sparkling tells the story of three classy sisters, Cath, Laura (my grandmother) and Mary Starrs who shared this love of music with us. Just like a bottle of wine shared, each song can be linked to an event in our life and the special memories and feelings it brings. Sing like no one is listening.

To serenade your lady, just find a tree that’s shady. Come on and try that rhythm, just let your heart beat with ‘im.