Our Vineyards


Best Vineyards is located at Moorook Kingston and has been managed by Yatco Viticulture since 2003. Best Vineyards is a 78-hectare property in total with 40.8 hectares planted to wine grapes and the potential for another 17 hectares of plantings in the future.

The main wine grape varieties grown here are Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon with small quantities of Sangiovese and Gordo. The Moorook Kingston area is one of the earliest ripening zones in the Riverland and as a result, the Chardonnay is known as a parcel of distinct quality fruit.

The 2019 Shiraz was awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2019 Riverland Wine Show before selling out and our Sangiovese has been developed into a single vineyard Rose style wine with Atlas Wines since 2018 under their Cellar Works label.

Irrigation water is pumped via a private diversion from Wachtel’s Lagoon and is applied to the vineyard via a drip irrigation system with 24-hour scheduling capacity. Soil types and topography vary across the property from flat to undulating sand, sandy loam, and light sandy clay loam over some discrete layers of limestone.

Vine nutrition is managed through an inline fertigation system. Plantings are developed on a two-wire vertical trellis system. Within this vineyard, approximately 20 hectares of heritage-listed, Mallee highland vegetation is set aside under a Heritage Agreement and dedicated to improving biodiversity, preserving remnant vegetation, and providing a habitat corridor for endangered flora and fauna species including the Regent Parrot.